EU-konsultasjon om kloning og matproduksjon



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Åpen konsultasjon omtalt av Kommisjonen 16.5.2012

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BAKGRUNN (fra Kommisjonens pressemelding 16.5.2012, dansk utgave)

Food safety : Public consultation launched on animal cloning for food production
The Commission has launched a public consultation on animal cloning for food production. This consultation seeks to gather the views and opinions of all interested parties on the various aspects surrounding the issue of cloning for food production, such as the use of the cloning technique, the use of clones and their reproductive materials (semen and embryo) for breeding purposes and the use of live clones, their offspring and descendants for food purposes. The consultation is not, however, intended to cover the use of the cloning technique for other purposes e.g. research, production of pharmaceuticals or the conservation of endangered species or breeds.

Taking the form of a detailed Interactive Policy Making (IPM) questionnaire, the results of the public consultation will contribute to the development of an impact assessment to examine possible measures on animal cloning for food production in the EU which is expected to be finalised by the end of 2012. This impact assessment will form the basis of a Commission report which will evaluate the merits for coming forward with a Commission legislative proposal on animal cloning for food production in 2013. The public consultation will remain open until 3 September 2012.



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