Implikasjoner for Schengen-samarbeidet ved stenging av fangeleiren Guantánamo Bay


Konklusjoner vedtatt av Rådet og representanter for medlemsstatene om stenging av internernings-basen Guantánamo Bay

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Rådskonklusjoner vedtatt 4.6.2009

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BAKGRUNN (fra det tsjekkeiske EU-formannskapets pressemelding, engelsk utgave)

On Thursday the Ministers also adopted conclusions on the closure of the Guantánamo Bay detention centre, thus rounding off six months of discussions and search for a common solution. The conclusions describe the cooperation and exchange of information between EU Member States and members of the Schengen Area in relation to the reception of persons released from Guantánamo. The decision to accept former detainees falls within the remit of each EU Member State, nevertheless, taking account of the Schengen Area, also concerns the other Member States. This is why sharing information and working together is necessary. The Czech Presidency welcomes the decision of the USA to close the Guantánamo prison and underlines the fact that the primary responsibility for finding solutions to this problem and for the placement of the persons released lies above all with the United States. The conclusions do not call on EU Member States to accept persons from Guantánamo but provide a framework for joint coordination and cooperation in case that a Member State decides to take this step.

The exchange of information between the EU Member States will be in full conformity with the applicable law, including rules for the protection of personal data, and in full respect of the fundamental human rights and freedoms. The aim of the conclusions is to provide a common framework for sharing information about the reception of persons in order to ensure security for EU citizens as well as the persons received within the whole of the EU and the Schengen Area, thus dispelling the concerns of a part of the public.



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