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Forslag til europaparlaments- og rådsforordning om endring av europaparlaments- og rådssforordning (EU) 2018/1806 om fastsettelse av listen over hvilke tredjestater hvis borgere er visumfrie og listen over hvilke tredjestater hvis borgere er visumpliktige når de krysser Schengens yttergrense, med hensyn til Det Forenede Kongerikes utmeldelse av Den europeiske union

Proposal for Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Council Regulation (EC) No 539/2001 listing the third countries whose nationals must be in possession of visas when crossing the external borders and those whose nationals are exempt from that requirement, as regards the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union

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Reasons for and objectives of the proposal
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ("the United Kingdom") will withdraw from the European Union on 30 March 2019 (date of withdrawal) and will become a third country. Currently, British citizens are also Union citizens. They enjoy the fundamental right to move and reside freely within the Union and the right to enter any other Member State without any entry visa or equivalent formality. Nationals of the United Kingdom who are British citizens will enjoy this right until the moment when Union law on free movement of Union citizens will cease to apply to them. This will occur on 30 March 2019, unless a ratified Withdrawal Agreement pursuant to Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union establishes another date or the European Council, in agreement with the United Kingdom, unanimously establishes another date..

Therefore, it will be necessary to determine whether the nationals of the United Kingdom who are British citizens will be subject to a visa requirement when crossing the external borders of the Member States or whether they will be exempt from that requirement. The determination as to whether a third country national is subject to or exempt from a visa requirement is laid down in Council Regulation (EC) No 539/2001 . Annex I to the Regulation lists the countries whose nationals are subject to the visa requirement, and Annex II lists those countries whose nationals are exempt from that requirement. For this determination, a legislative action is necessary to include the United Kingdom in one of the Annexes to Regulation (EC) No 539/2001 as of the date when Union law ceases to apply to the United Kingdom.



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