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(Under forberedelse) EU-strategi for detaljhandelsbetalinger

(In preparation) A retail payment strategy for the EU

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Digital finance and retail payments: Commission launches two targeted consultations*

The Commission has today launched targeted consultations in two areas: digital finance and retail payments. While the Commission's political priority is fighting the coronavirus, we are continuing our preparatory work on long-term policy priorities including towards a strong and innovative financial sector. The coronavirus outbreak has shown that consumers and businesses are increasingly relying on digital financial services, as shown for example by cashless – including contactless – payments. This emergency has also underlined the importance of innovation in digital financial products, as reliance on remote services has increased considerably.

The consultation on digital finance seeks views on the possible measures needed to further enable innovative digital financial services in the EU, while considering possible competition issues with BigTech companies. The consultation will feed into the Commission's new Digital Finance Strategy, which will be presented later this year.

The second consultation seeks feedback for the forthcoming Retail Payments Strategy for the EU, also to be adopted later this year. The aim is to create an innovative, integrated and competitive retail payments sector for European consumers, which can also be used globally. Safe and efficient payment systems and services can also contribute to improving the EU's ability to deal with emergencies, such as the coronavirus pandemic. The EU needs a strategic vision to ensure that consumers and companies fully reap the benefits of fast, secure and convenient pan-European payment services.

Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis for an Economy that Works for People said: “The coronavirus crisis has shown just how much we rely on technology and digital financial services to go about our daily lives, including for paying remotely for essential goods and services. If Europe is to reap the benefits of innovative financial services over the years to come and become a frontrunner in this field, we need to strike the right balance between promoting innovation and properly managing risks to consumers and investors. Today's consultations will help us strike that balance.”

The consultation on digital finance is available here and the consultation on retail payments is here. Both consultations will remain open for 12 weeks. More information on banking and finance-related consultations is available here.



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