Rapporteringssystem for fartøy som ankommer til eller avgår fra europeiske havner (revisjon)


Forslag til europaparlaments- og rådsforordning om opprettelse av et 'European Maritime Single Window'-system og oppheving av direktiv 2010/65/EU

Proposal for Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a European Maritime Single Window environment and repealing Directive 2010/65/EU

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Reasons for and objectives of the proposal

Technological change is touching all parts of society and the economy and transforming the lives of EU citizens. Transport is no exception to this trend. New technologies are radically changing the mobility landscape. Against this background, the EU and its industries must meet the challenge to become a world leader in innovation, digitisation, and decarbonisation. The Commission has therefore adopted a comprehensive approach to ensure that the EU’s mobility policies reflect these political priorities in the form of three ‘Europe on the Move’ mobility packages.

Following the Low-Emission Mobility Strategy, the Commission adopted two mobility packages in May and November 2017. These packages set out a positive agenda delivering on the low-emission mobility strategy and ensuring a smooth transition towards clean, competitive and connected mobility for all. The European Parliament and Council should ensure the rapid adoption of these proposals.

This initiative is part of the Third “Europe on the Move” Package, which delivers on the new industrial policy strategy of September 2017 and is designed to complete the process of enabling Europe to reap the full benefits of the modernisation of mobility. It is essential that tomorrow’s mobility system is safe, clean and efficient for all EU citizens. The aim is to make European mobility safer and more accessible, European industry more competitive, European jobs more secure, and to be cleaner and better adapted to the imperative of tackling climate change. This will require the full commitment of the EU, Member States and stakeholders, not least in strengthening investments in transport infrastructure.

Maritime transport operators face a wide range of legal reporting requirements each time a ship arrives in or leaves a port (a port call). The fact that reporting requirements are not harmonised, either between different policy areas within Member States or between Member States, results in a heavy administrative burden on such operators. Over two million port calls are made annually in the EU. Shipping sector staff currently spend an annual total of about 4.6 million hours on reporting.

The European Council highlighted the problem in its 2017 Valletta declaration on maritime policy and in the Council Conclusions of 8 June 2017on the priorities for the EU’s maritime transport policy up to 2020. It underlined the need to reduce the administrative burden on maritime transport by providing for simplified, digitalised and harmonised reporting procedures for ships. It reiterated this message in its Conclusions of 5 December 2017 on digitalising transport. Maritime transport operators also voice strong concerns about the situation.

The problem was analysed in an evaluation of the 2010/65/EU Reporting Formalities Directive, conducted as part of the fitness check on EU maritime transport policy carried out in 2016-2017. This evaluation confirmed the analysis of the problem.

The purpose of this proposal is to address the current non-harmonised reporting environment for ships. The proposed new European Maritime Single Window environment brings together, in a coordinated and harmonised way, all reporting associated with a port call. This, in turn, will also improve interoperability and interconnection between the relevant systems, thus enabling data to be shared and reused more efficiently, as appropriate.



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