Kjøretøy som leies uten fører til godstransport på vei: endringsbestemmelser


Forslag til europaparlaments- og rådsdirektiv om endring av direktiv 2006/1/EF om bruk av kjøretøy som er leid uten førar til godstransport på vei

Proposal for Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 2006/1/EC on the use of vehicles hired without drivers for the carriage of goods by road

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Reasons for and objectives of the proposal

Directive 2006/1/EC on the use of vehicles hired without drivers for the carriage of goods by road provides for a minimum level of market opening for the use of hired goods vehicles in the single market. In doing so, it aims to (i) achieve optimum resource allocation by limiting the wasteful use of factors of production (e.g. capital tied up in underutilised vehicles) and (ii) increase the flexibility and productivity of the undertakings concerned. All objectives are associated with the use of hired vehicles.

However, at the same time, the Directive allows Member States to restrict the use of hired goods vehicles with a gross vehicle weight above six tonnes for own account operations. It also allows restricting the use of a vehicle which has been hired in a Member State different from the one where the undertaking hiring the vehicle is established.

These restrictions limit the effectiveness of the Directive. Moreover, they create an unnecessary burden on undertakings and a patchwork of rules which creates confusion among operators. Reducing the burden on undertakings and clarifying the rules is a core objective of the EU Regulatory Fitness Programme (REFIT) of which this proposal forms a part.

It is therefore proposed to remove the possibility to restrict the use of hired vehicles for own account operations. Moreover, the use of a vehicle hired in another Member State is to be allowed for at least four months to enable undertakings to meet temporary or seasonal demand peaks and/or to replace defective or damaged vehicles. Allowing Member States to limit the use of a vehicle hired in a Member State other than the one where the undertaking hiring it is established to four months seems necessary to avoid possible distortions given the considerable differences between them in the taxation of road vehicles.

Overall, the proposal ensures equal access for transport operators across the EU to the market for hired vehicles. It also ensures a uniform regulatory framework across the EU and enables transport operators to perform their transport activities in the most efficient way possible. As hired vehicles are usually newer, safer and less polluting, the proposal reduces the negative externalities of road transport.

This proposal is one of several proposals in the area of road transport which the Commission intends to adopt in 2017 to make the legislative framework governing the road transport sector in the EU fit for the future.



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