About the website

Europalov is an independant Norwegian website that follows the decision-making processes on matters relevant to the European Economic Agreement (EEA) and the Agreement on the Schengen co-operation.

For each legislative act you may follow the process from the original consultation or proposal through the decisions of the European institutions, the EEA Joint Committee (for EEA matters) and the Norwegian government (for Schengen matters) and its implementation into Norwegian law. The site also covers EEA related interpretative judgements by the EU and EFTA Courts. Drawing on public information from a number of sources, Europalov aims to give the reader an efficient up-to-date overview and a one-stop entry point to relevant documents.

Fact sheets on individual legal acts or policy documents are the backbones of Europalov. On each sheet, you may find up to 30 links to different public sources. The facts sheets are also the source for the high number of overviews offered by the site.

A weekly newsletter keeps subscribers informed on recent developments across all policy areas. This newsletter is free and has nearly 5000 subscribers.

The EEA Agreement entered into force in 1994 and ensures the full participation of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in the internal marked of the European Union, enabling free movement of persons, goods, capital, and services between 30 European countries. By virtue of the EEA Agreement, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein also participate in a number of EU programmes outside the four freedoms.

In 1999 Norway concluded an agreement with the EU on its association with the Schengen cooperation on common external border and elimination of internal border controls. Schengen also provides for cooperation between the police authorities of the participating countries. This agreement entitles Norway to take active part in drafting new legislation on the implementation, application and further development of the Schengen acquis. It is Norway’s most important agreement with the EU apart from the EEA Agreement.

Europalov was created in 2007 by Tore Grønningsæter in Brussels, Belgium. From May 2016, is part of the Norwegian foundation Lovdata, with Grønningsæter as editor for Europalov.