Byggevarer, Ekspertgruppe for (E03776)

Norsk deltakelse (ansvarlig departement)
Kommunal- og distriktsdepartementet

Om komiteen

Commission expert group on the Construction Products Regulation Technical Acquis process:


To assist the Commission in issues related to the Construction Products Regulation, mainly in a comprehensive overhaul of the so-called CPR Acquis.

• Assist the Commission in the preparation of delegated acts

• Assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives

• Other (- establish cooperation/coordination between the Commission and Member States or stakeholders on questions relating to the implementation of Union legislation, programmes and policies in the field of construction products; - provide input to DG GROW related to specific tasks for the revision of the set of mandates, granted to CEN in the framework of the Council Directive 89/106/EEC repealed by Regulation (EU) 305/2011, intended to be replaced by standardisation requests according to Article 10 of Regulation (EU) 1025/2012; - provide expertise for common issues, within the remit of the CPR Acquis process, including the implementation of provisions that the revision process of the CPR may entail; - adopt any kind of action, within the remit of the CPR Acquis process, that facilitates the establishment of harmonised Technical Specifications (hTS) under the Construction Product Regulation and its potential updates.)

• Provides expertise to the Commission when preparing implementing measures, i.e. before the Commission submits these draft measures to a comitology committee