Droner, Ekspertgruppe for (E03533)

Norsk deltakelse (ansvarlig departement)

Om komiteen

Expert Group on Drones:


- To act as a sounding board for the conception and implementation of the EU drone policy;

- To advise and assist the Commission with the implementation of actions that can foster and accelerate the integration of drones in the aviation system and the emergence of a suitable operational environment and infrastructure for drones flying at low altitude, including over urban areas;

- To build upon the operational infrastructure and services to foster the development of a drone services market and of a robust, dynamic and innovation-oriented supporting framework;

- To draw on best practice and “lessons learned” in other regions and/or in other industrial and service sectors that can be instrumental for the purposes referred to herein.


• Assist the Commission in the preparation of delegated acts

Assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives

Provides expertise to the Commission when preparing implementing measures, i.e. before the Commission submits these draft measures to a comitology committee