Den globale plattformen for harmonisering av regelverk for kjøretøy: arbeidet i 2010


Commission staff working paper - 2010 Activities of the world forum for harmonisation of vehicle regulations

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Arbeidsdokument lagt fram av Kommisjonen 27.5.2011

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BAKGRUNN (fra Kommisjonens arbeidsdokument, engelsk utgave)

In accordance with the CARS 21 Communication of 7 February 2007, this Commission staff working document reports on the major automotive-related regulatory developments and activities that arose during 2010 at the World Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations (“WP.29”) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (“UNECE”). Its objective is to inform the European Parliament, the Council and the public about the progress achieved by WP.29 and of the compliance observed by the European Commission with regards to the political orientations set out in the relevant European Union (EU) legislation. This 2010 Commission staff working document is the fourth annual report on these activities.

The UNECE was established by the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 1947 in order to promote regional economic integration through dialogue and cooperation on economic and sectoral issues. It provides analysis and policy advice to governments, in consultation with key stakeholders, and provides a framework for norms, standards and conventions to facilitate international cooperation for various sectors. The UNECE brings together 56 countries located in the EU, non-EU Western and Eastern Europe, South-East Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and North America.

The WP.29 and the Permanent Subsidiary Working Parties (also known as Groups of Rapporteurs or “GRs”) as well as the Agreements administered by WP.29 (1958, 1997 and
1998 Agreements) are described in detail in the Commission staff working document – progress during 2009 at UNECE.

Given that the EU is a contracting party to the 1958 and 1998 Agreements, the present Commission staff working document will focus on progress made in 2010 under those two Agreements.



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