EU-høring om FinTech: teknologisk innovasjon for finanssektoren


Public consultation on FinTech: a more competitive and innovative European financial sector

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Omtale publisert av Stortingets EU/EØS-nytt 29.3.2017

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BAKGRUNN (fra Kommisjonens pressemelding 23.2.2017)

FinTech: the new frontier in financial services
The speedy development of FinTech brings new opportunities for both consumers and companies. It has the potential to improve consumers' access to financial services across the Single Market, open up national barriers and improve efficiency.

In order to help the European FinTech sector operate freely across the EU and be competitive, the Commission intends to focus on three core principles: technology-neutrality, so that the same rules are applied to traditionally-sold products and services (e.g. via branches) as those sold digitally; this is to ensure innovation and a level-playing field. Second, proportionality so that the rules are suitable for different business models, size and activities of the regulated entities. Third, improved integrity to ensure transparency, privacy and security for consumers.

As a first step, the Commission invites all interested parties to respond to the FinTech consultation, which is being launched alongside the #FinTechEU conference taking place in Brussels today. The consultation aims to gather first-hand information on the impact of new technology on the entire financial sector. It will help to assess whether EU regulatory and supervisory rules are adequate and what future actions may be needed.



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