EUs konkurransepolitikk i 2019

EUs konkurransepolitikk i 2019

Rapport fra Kommisjonen til Europaparlamentet, Rådet, Den europeiske økonomiske og sosiale komite og Regionskomiteen. Rapport om konkurransepolitikken 2019
Report from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. Report on Competition Policy 2019

Rapport lagt fram av Kommisjonen 9.7.2020

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BAKGRUNN (fra Kommisjonens pressemelding 9.7.2020)

The European Commission has published today the Report on Competition Policy for 2019, presenting its most important policy and legislative initiatives, as well as key decisions adopted last year. In 2019, the Commission's competition policy and enforcement actions continued to target anticompetitive conduct and measures in markets of particular relevance for citizens and businesses in the EU, such as the telecommunications and digital sectors, energy and environment, financial services, taxation, agriculture and food, manufacturing and transport. In 2019, to ensure that competition law remains fit for purpose, the Commission also engaged in broad evaluation exercises, aimed at assessing the functioning of competition rules.

The still ongoing reviews cover the antitrust regulations that will expire in the current mandate and the respective guidelines, the Notice on Market Definition, a number of State aid rules and guidance, and the evaluation of certain aspects of EU merger control. As this is the 2019 Report, the impact of the coronavirus outbreak is not covered.