Global strategi for forskning og innovasjon: rapport 2023

Global strategi for forskning og innovasjon: rapport 2023

Rapport fra Kommisjonen til Rådet og Europaparlamentet. Første toårige rapport om implementeringen av den globale strategi for forskning og innovasjon
Report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament. First biennial report on the implementation of the Global Approach to research and innovation

Rapport lagt fram av Kommisjonen 29.6.2023

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BAKGRUNN (fra Kommisjonsrapporten 29.6.2023)

In a global context characterised by heightened geopolitical tensions and the resulting increased fragmentation of the world’s supply chains, the European Union faces the challenge of diversifying and substituting sources of supply for critical raw materials and clean energy. It also needs to boost its own capacity for technological sovereignty in close relationship with reliable partners, thereby ensuring its open strategic autonomy.

The Green Deal industrial plan acknowledges the need to massively increase the technological development, manufacturing and installation of net-zero products and energy supply in the next decade. Europe is a leading player in innovation and has world-leading scientists and researchers. Building on these strengths, the Commission works with partners to develop and deploy net-zero technologies, with an open but assertive approach.

In its Communication on the Global Approach to research and innovation (R&I), the Commission presented a strategy to deepen international R&I cooperation based on openness and respect of fundamental rights and values. The Council reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to openness in international R&I cooperation, while pursuing a level playing field and balanced reciprocal openness and the European Parliament emphasised the need to develop rules-based multilateral cooperation, in which R&I should play a pivotal role.

The Global Approach Communication is implemented through modulating bilateral cooperation with individual countries, pursuing reciprocal openness and a level playing field. At the same time, the Global Approach Communication supports multilateral partnerships to deliver new solutions to global challenges and increase EU’s resilience. It is instrumental for the Global Gateway, the EU’s strategy to boost investment around the world in digitalisation, climate and energy, transport, health, education and research.

This is the first biennial report taking stock of progress towards the Global Approach Communication’s objectives. It provides a snapshot of the EU position in international R&I cooperation across thematic areas. It also includes a reflection on science diplomacy to further integrate the Global Approach to R&I into the EU’s foreign and security policy.

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