Høring om EU-merking av lærvarer


Consultation on the authenticity leather labelling system at EU level

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Åpen konsultasjon igangsatt av Kommisjonen 29.10.2013

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BAKGRUNN (fra kKommisjonens konsultasjonsnettside, engelsk utgave)

Objective of the consultation
The problem may arise not only from products that are fraudulently labelled as leather or are counterfeit but also from products that are labelled with the term ‘leather’ (e.g. ‘eco-leather’, ‘synthetic leather’) and may induce the consumer to think that they are of animal origin. Misleading and fraudulent labelling are not only detrimental for consumers but also for businesses.

The consultation covers all leather products (leather being a material of animal origin) and products which have the aspect of leather but are made of other materials. Since the labelling of leather shoes is already regulated by Directive 94/11/EC (Footwear Directive), shoes are excluded from the scope of this consultation.

This consultation will feed into an on-going impact assessment procedure, with a view of a possible proposal of the Commission on an authenticity leather labelling system at EU level.