Styrking av Det europeiske forskningsområdet (ERA) - rådskonklusjoner desember 2012


Rådskonklusjoner om "Et styrket partnerskap for fremragende forskning og vekst i det europeiske forskningsområdet

Conclusions on "A reinforced European research area partnership for excellence and growth"

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Rådskonklusjoner vedtatt 11.12.2012

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BAKGRUNN (fra Rådets pressemelding 11.12.2012, engelsk utgave)

European Research Area – Council conclusions
The Council adopted conclusions on the European Research Area (ERA) and the key elements that should lead to the successful achievement and implementation of the ERA.

The conclusions can be found here.

The conclusions are based on the outcome of the policy debate held by the Council on 10 October and the Commission recommendations contained in the communication "A reinforced European Research Area partnership for excellence and growth”.

The Commission proposed the following priorities for the ERA: effective national research systems; optimal trans-national cooperation and competition; an open labour market for researchers; gender equality in research, and free circulation of knowledge.

Over the years, progress has been made towards a European Research Area through instruments such as the successive multi-annual research framework programmes, joint programming initiatives and research infrastructure consortia. Nevertheless, progress has been uneven in different dimensions of the ERA as well as across member states.

In February 2011, the European Council called for the completion of the ERA by 2014, thereby creating a genuine single market for knowledge and improving the mobility of researchers and the attractiveness of Europe for foreign researchers.

The ERA will pay particular attention to the external dimension in the field of research and innovation. In this regard, the conclusions also refer to the importance of strengthening the international cooperation.