Markedsføring av og kontroll med eksplosive varer til sivil bruk


Rådsdirektiv 93/15/EØF av 5. april 1993 om harmonisering av bestemmelsene om markedsføring av og kontroll med eksplosive varer til sivilt bruk

Council Directive 93/15/EEC of 5 April 1993 on the harmonization of the provisions relating to the placing on the market and supervision of explosives for civil uses

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This Directive concerns the placing on the market and supervision of explosives for civilian use*. It does not apply to:

* explosives, including ammunition, intended for military or police use;
* pyrotechnic articles.

Placing on the market and CE marking

Explosives for civilian use may be placed on the market only if they comply with the essential safety requirements set out in the Directive.

Explosives which fall within the scope of this Directive may be placed on the market only if they:

* comply with all provisions of the Directive;
* have been assessed regarding their conformity with the essential safety requirements;
* have the "CE" marking affixed to them.

Where a Member State establishes that an explosive bearing CE conformity marking and being used for its intended purpose may compromise safety, it shall take all interim measures necessary to withdraw the explosive from the market or prohibit its being placed on the market or its freedom of movement.

Essential requirements
Any explosive must be designed, manufactured and supplied in such a way as to present a minimal risk to the safety of human life and health, and to prevent damage to property and the environment.

Supervision of transfers of explosives
Approval to transfer explosives must be obtained by the consignee from the recipient competent authority. The competent authority verifies that the consignee is legally authorised to acquire explosives and that he is in possession of the necessary licences or authorisations. The person responsible for the transfer must notify the competent authorities of the transit Member State or Member States of movements of explosives through this State or these States.

Harmonised standards and notified bodies
Explosives falling within the scope of this Directive which comply with the European harmonized standards are considered to be in conformity with the essential safety requirements.

Conformity assessment
The Directive lays down different procedures for assessing the conformity of explosives for civilian use with the essential requirements, to be followed at the choice of the manufacturer. The Member States inform the Commission of the bodies which they have appointed to carry out the procedures for assessing conformity.

Key terms used in the act
Explosives for civilian use: the materials and articles considered to be such in the "United Nations recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods" and falling within Class 1 of those recommendations.



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